a strategic business partner of Profiles International

a strategic business partner of Profiles International

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The Bryan Group, LLC

Select, Train and Retain Great People!

Profile Assessments:
Hiring, Promoting, Training and Developing Top Performers

Solutions for people issues through assessment technology!

Increase your bottom line by:
Reducing Turnover
Improving Productivity
Increasing Employee Engagement
Maximizing People Resources

Almost daily, business owners, executives, managers, and professionals are confronted by frustrating employee-related challenges. Human resource management issues cost your company time, money, resources, lost opportunities, and reduced productivity. What if you had the tools to head off employee challenges before they start, as well as the ability to solve existing employee challenges?

What would that be worth to you?

Decisions leading to satisfying solutions for the challenges you face are based on having accurate facts, statistics, and numbers. A valuable function of Profiles International employee assessments is their presentation of objective, quantified data about employees. This data is invaluable when solving people problems.

Our human resource management solutions are proven and deliver results. We measure the essential data employers need to make the best possible hiring, training, managing, and promoting decisions. Our human resource management solutions and industry-leading employee assessments will help your organization succeed.

The predictive reliability and validity scores for Profiles International assessments are the highest in the industry.

Human Resource Consulting:

HR Departments, like everywhere else in business, are being challenged to do more with less. Yet you still may occasionally need an extra set of hands to help you revise your employee handbook, design an orientation program, or perform an HR audit. Or do you need a trusted, independent 3rd-party on short notice to perform a sexual harassment investigation?

A way to meet this need is through The Bryan Group, LLC consulting group. Without adding to your staff, you can have your needs met in a reliable, efficient manner, by someone who is certified and trustworthy, and cares as much about doing the job right as you do. Whether it is a short-term project, consulting retainer or a series of services, The Bryan Group, LLC is flexible in meeting your needs.

Examples of services available include the following:
Job Analysis - Profile Assessments
Job Descriptions
HR Audits
I-9 Audits
Employee Handbooks
Process Improvement
Employee Development
Harassment investigations
New Employee Orientation Design
Records Compliance

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