a strategic business partner of Profiles International

a strategic business partner of Profiles International

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The Bryan Group, LLC

Select, Train and Retain Great People!

Jill Hammond Menhart, SPHR (client)
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

"Barbara Bryan of The Bryan Group, LLC is a great partner for any business looking to hire right the first time! Of all of the products on the market to evaluate employees, Barbara's product truly evaluates candidates and their probability of being a good 'fit' with the organization related to your own benchmark of current employees or a database of benchmarks. Barbara made the setup process easy and has always been there to help along the way…even stepping in to go above and beyond in response to our time constraints. She is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her!" November 9, 2010


Chuck Crowe
Chief Development Officer, American Leprosy Missions (colleague)

"Barbara Bryan has the unique ability to connect and understand people and organizations of diverse backgrounds, interest and needs and from all walks of life. She is excellent in one-on-one and small groups, or large audiences -- making seemingly complex Human Recourses issues and concepts easy to understand and apply. Today, the need for expertise is unrelenting and the competition for talent is fierce, leaving many organizations with long vacancies in key positions. Barbara's ability to find and match talented professionals with specific needs made a real difference in our performance. I would not hire a new employee without talking with Barbara first." May 8, 2009


Mike Hess
Director of Engineering, Revlon (colleague)

"Barbara is one of the most intelligent, creative thinkers I have ever worked with. She is dedicated, hard working, and extremely focused. Her drive for excellence in the work place is unsurpassed. She doesn't know the word fail, and strives for excellence with respect to both her personal and professional life. This drive for perfection always focuses on ways to improve every aspect of the operation by reducing cost while improving quality and productivity. Her interpersonal skill far surpasses most others in the professional area of business. Her integrity is impeccable when working with her peers, clients or management and are the best I have seen in the industry. Barbara is a valuable and desired asset for any client, company, organization, or professional affiliation. She will make a difference in your 'bottom line', I highly recommend her!" June 15, 2009


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